-h --help -help help --? -? ????

April 10, 2022 #linux

Scenario: Congratulations, you won the lottery! You can barely believe your eyes as you stand there holding the winning ticket! It's amazing - so many feelings rush over you as you realize that some of your dreams are within reach now! You run over, nay, you float over to the lottery office to collect your winnings in pure excitement. You push open the doors to the building, scamper up to the front desk, present your ticket to the clerk, and the exchange goes something like this: ...more

Never miss completion of a long-running command again!

March 28, 2022 #linux

This is a really short, simple thing I use to alert me when a long-running shell command/script, like building (some) containers or compiling the kernel, is done. It effectively allows me to switch context in the meantime and pick up where I left off when the long-running dependency is finished. ...more

Diffing binaries, in living color!

February 04, 2022 #linux

I recently needed to compare two binary files (ISO images) in order to debug why one ISO would boot with legacy BIOS and the other wouldn't, even though they were presumably generated by the same tooling (turns out they weren't exactly, but that's not what this post is about.) ...more

Using gdb to inspect a crashing app

January 26, 2022 #linux #debugging

This is more or less a story about how one can attempt to debug an application crash by attaching to it with gdb and poking around, while resisting the urge to build the application manually. Such cases where this is useful might be when running something that takes a long time to compile, or which might have a complicated build system. It's easy to run into these situations when the system is relatively underpowered phone running Linux. ...more